Export Study Archives

Packages the study's files into a single .hstx file that is easy to handle and share.

The following files are packaged into the .hstx file:
  • Study .hstudy file
  • Resource files
  • Reference files
  • .hstdf and .data files
  • Any other files in study directory
Tip: Archive is the best method for moving studies.
If the resource file and reference files are not in the study directory when Export Archive is selected, then they will be copied over and included in the .hstx file. The archived .hstudy study file will be updated to point to the new location of the resource file and reference files.
Note: Export Archive does not package run folders in approach directories (such as approaches/doe_1/run_xxxx), in order to minimize the archive file size. Files included in resource files that do not reside in the study directory will not be packaged.
  1. From the menu bar, click File > Export Archive.
    The HyperStudy - Select Location dialog opens.
  2. Navigate to your working directory.
  3. In the File name field, enter a name for the archive.
  4. Optional: Change the file extension to .hstxc to create a custom archive.
    Tip: Custom archives provide additional controls for packaging items such as: model resources, run folders, and data source depots. Additional packaging items are stored in *.hsty file which is created for each approach along with *.hstxc. Custom archives protect sensitive information, such as finite elements models, when sharing the archive. Custom archives also help control the archive size.
  5. Click Save.