Load Resource Files

A resource file establishes the basis of the connection to HyperStudy. Information about the input variables and/or output responses are passed through the file.

If you are defining an Interanl Math model, dragged-and-dropped a model file into the application, or invoked HyperStudy from another application, you will not be required to manually load a resource file.
  1. In the Define Models step, Resource column of the model you are defining, click .
  2. In the HyperStudy - Load model resource dialog, navigate to your working directory and open the resource file.
    Note: If you load a file for a Parameterized File model that does not contain parameters, a dialog will appear asking if you would like to parameterize the file. If you select Yes, the file will open in the Editor as a *.tpl file. When you close the Editor, HyperStudy automatically loads the*.tpl in the Resource column, and inserts the file name in the Solver input file column.