Select Matrices

Import and modify the design matrices and associated results for the creation of the approximation model.

The matrix and results should be imported from an existing DOE or Stochastic approach and can be further edited on the fly.

Active matrices are automatically imported.

  1. Go to the Specifications tab of the Specifications step.
  2. In the bottom of the work area, click Add Matrix.
  3. Define the matrix by modifying its corresponding cells in the work area.
    1. Enter a label.
    2. Select a matrix type.
      Input Matrix
      Data will be used to create the fit and tune its parameters.
      Testing Matrix
      Data will be used to assess the quality of the fit.
      Input + Testing Matrix
      Data can be partitioned into input and testing by specifying the number of runs or percentage.
    3. Select a matrix origin.
      The origin settings names the approach from which the matrix is derived (in the current study).