Create Surface Mesh by Defining Size

Use the Surface tool to interactively create mesh on select surfaces by defining element size.

The mesh generated will adhere to any previously defined mesh controls.
  1. From the Mesh ribbon, click the Surface tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select surfaces.
  3. In the microdialog, select a surface meshing method and define relevant parameters.
    Surface Deviation
    For mesh with smooth transition.
    Rigid Body
    For creating body-fitted mesh with minimum element count. It will create anisotropic mesh on curved surfaces based on the minimum size defined and apply defined size average / maximum size on flat surfaces. This is useful for Lattice Boltzman-based solvers where it is important to capture the shape of geometry with the least number of elements.
  4. Click Mesh on the guide bar.
    Surface mesh is created.