CAD Export Options

CAD writers provide options for processing data during export.

Some of these options are available from the Geometry Export Options dialog, while other options are accessed only from each writer's _writer.ini file.

The options that are available from each writer's writer.ini file, along with those specific to each format, are explained in detail within the Export Options sections for each writer.

Corresponds to the @Version option.
File mode
Corresponds to the @FileMode option.
Corresponds to the @Export option.
Source units
Corresponds to the @SourceUnits option.
Set a source unit before exporting by manually selecting a unit system from a list of units, or click From Metadata to select a source unit from the MODEL_UNIT metadata attached to the component/part. If the components/parts have differing MODEL_UNIT metadata values, the most commonly used value is adopted and a warning message is displayed.

To prevent the frequent, unintended, selection of units, the source units selection is cleared anytime the export CAD file type is changed and you must reselect the units before exporting.

Target units
Corresponds to the @TargetUnits option. When Target units value is selected as Source units (default), Target units is assigned a value from Source units and used during export.
Output Loop
Corresponds to the @OuterLoop option.
Corresponds to the @LayersMode options.
Geom mode
Corresponds to the @GeometryMode option.
Topo mode
Corresponds to the @TopologyMode option.
Assem mode
Corresponds to the @AssemblyMode option.
Naming mode
Corresponds to the @WriteMetaDataAsName and @WriteNameFrom options.
User defined
Additional options not explicitly exposed in the GUI, in the form option1_name=option1_value, option2_name=option2_value, and so on. If an option is also exposed in GUI is mentioned in this field, the value of this field prevails.
Name from representation
Corresponds to the @NameFromRepresentation option.
Optimize for CAD
Corresponds to the @OptimizeForCAD option.
Prompt before overwrite
Prompts you if the specified file name already exists and will be overwritten.