Results Import

Use reader options to control the behavior of the code when reading results from disk.

The reader options are separated into two categories: general and reader-specific. Currently, the only reader-specific format that can be controlled is the AcuSolve .Log file reader.


Default step to load
First , last, or unchanged. Unchanged is relevant when loading multiple datasets that may have asynchronous times.
Default display
Default collection: Flow boundaries, surface outputs, radiation surface, solar radiation. This controls how the surfaces are organized and shown by default.
Default coloring: This determines how the surfaces are colored upon first loading. When set to Auto, the code will first try temperature, followed by pressure. If neither exists, then it will use the constant color that is selected.

AcuSolve Reader

Toggle the different collections of variables on or off.
Mesh Motion
Toggle on to show the displaced mesh and which displacement field to use to compute the deformation.