Batch Applications Unit Draw

Altair's CAE pre- and post-processing applications can run interactively or in batch mode.

In batch mode, the number of Altair Units (AUs) drawn depends on the number of batch applications running concurrently under the same user and same host.
Note: The unit decay for batch applications or BatchMesher is scaled differently than in solvers.

Unit Draw for BatchMesher in Batch Mode

The AUs drawn for running BatchMesher applications in batch mode are detailed in the table below.
BatchMesher Applications AUs
1-8 21
9-16 40
17-32 50
33-64 60
65-128 70
129-256 80
257-512 90
>512 100

For example, 21 AUs are drawn when running up to 8 copies of BatchMesher in batch mode. If there are 9 copies of BatchMesher running, the total increases to 40 AUs.

Unit Draw for Altair's CAE Pre- and Post-processing Applications in Batch Mode

When HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, HyperLife, HyperMesh NVH, HyperMesh CFD, MotionView and so on, are run in batch mode, the total AUs drawn are determined by the number of batch applications used to perform batch automation. The license feature, AutomationBatch, is required to run HyperWorks applications in batch mode. The details are in the table below.
Batch Applications AUs
1 21
2 42
3-4 50
5-8 50
9-16 60
17-32 70
33-64 80
65-128 90
129-256 100
257-512 110
>512 120
Note: Under the same user and same host, the number of AUs required for batch automation will level against the units required to invoke HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, and MotionView applications interactively.

For example, when you launch HyperMesh in GUI mode, 21 AUs are drawn from the license pool. If you are on the same machine, also run a script to perform Geometry cleanup and report generation in batch mode. Even though the two batch applications require 42 AUs, the total units required for the entire process is 42 AUs due to the levelling mechanism.

Note: Batch application unit decay requires Altair License Manager v15.5 or later. If an older version of Altair License Manager is used, the BatchMesher or batch application draws the maximum units listed in the above tables per user and host.