Export and Data Check

Verify the model using Data Check

Before exporting the model, the setup can verified and checked for errors using the Data Check tool. This is accessed from the Solution Browser. Right-click the Solution Name and select Data Check. SimLab will submit the input files to nFX[p] and show the output log in the Output Window. This will report the status of the model and highlight any issues found in the setup.

Attention: The Data Check tool requires the Output Window to be enabled via View > Output Window.
Figure 1.

For more information on nFX[p], see nanoFluidX Prep.

Export Configuration and Particle Files

To Export the model, right-click the Solution Name in the Solution Browser and select Export Solver Input File, similar to as shown in Figure 1. You can choose to export just the Configuration files (*.cfg) or both the Particle (*.prtl) and Configuration files.
Note: STL walls, Stencil Files for Inlet regions and Probes, and Time History files are considered part of the Configuration file and are exported together.
Important: Only the SPH bodies selected in the Solution will be exported. This can be verified by double-clicking the Solution Name and viewing the bodies in the Solution menu.