Pre and Post-Processing with AcuSolve

This section details the integration of AcuSolve with the industrially accepted pre and post-processing tools. AcuSolve is smoothly integrated with pre and post-processing HyperMesh CFD or SimLab.

A user of HyperMesh CFD can prepare the model in HyperMesh CFD and then can either export the input files for AcuSolve or launch the AcuSolve CFD solver directly by clicking the Run tool from the Solution ribbon.

After the solution is obtained from AcuSolve, HyperMesh CFD or SimLab can be used for various post-processing applications. For example, AcuSolve .log files can be directly read from HyperMesh CFD or SimLab by clicking File > Open > Results from the Post ribbon and then choosing the appropriate AcuSolve .log file.