Script Factory

Scripts cannot be executed.

If the path to the batch file or the working directory in ScriptFactory contains spaces, the script cannot be executed (ref.: FXM-16120).

Script Factory does not stop correctly.

Script Factory does not stop correctly if FluxMotor has been killed (ref.: FXM-15140).

Sometimes the store button status is bad.

The store button is not enabled when a file is opened without modification (ref.: FXM-15136).

Script Factory freezes temporarily when running a script.

When running a script, the Script Factory gives the impression of freezing (while still running in the background). The editing window of the script becomes unresponsive until the script is done executing (ref.: FXM-13138).

Testing and exporting projects should be prohibited for certain use cases.

For example, testing and exporting of projects with script should be prohibited when slot filling is bad, or when the End-windings X-Factor leads to negative end-windings resistance.

(ref.: FXM-16455).