Synchronous machines – Motor Factory – Test environment

In accurate mode the sign of the reactive power, and the phase angle is not right.

The sign conventions are not respected for defining the reactive power and phase angle (ref.: FXM-16143).

Export a project is not possible for polyphase machines.

Sometimes, the test working point (I, , N) from the Export to Flux and Flux Skew area is not possible for polyphase synchronous machines.

However, this issue is very difficult to reproduce. When it occurs, close and reopen the project to fix the issue (ref.: FXM-16136).

Working point – Square wave – Forced I – Average computation of quantities.

The computation of average quantities like iron losses, the Joule losses in magnets, and torque is not executed over a full electrical period. That can lead to wrong results (ref.: FXM-14091).

Maximum speed computation

The estimation of the maximum speed is wrong for the tests “Working point - Sine wave – Motor - U-I” and “Working point - Sine wave – Motor - T-N”, when the control mode MTPA is selected (ref.: FXM-10916). The computation is always performed by considering the MTPV command mode.