Flux dans SimLab : Exemples 3D

Solution Exemple Description Illustration
3D Magneto Static Linear Actuator

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The studied device is obtained from an import, it is a linear actuator with a coil, a mobile and a fixed part.

3D Magneto Static Rear View Motor

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This tutorial illustrates a 3D model of a small permanent magnet motor, used to align the rear-view mirror of a car.

The motor under study consists of four main parts: frame, permanent magnets, rotor and coils.

3D Magneto Static Tesla Motor Model 3

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The 3D studied device, the Tesla Model 3's electric motor, includes the following elements:
  • a fixed part (stator) including yoke, slots, and windings
  • an air gap
  • a movable part (rotor) with surfaced magnets

3D Transient Magnetic Wireless Power Transfer

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The coupler in an inductive power transfer system includes the following elements, an energy transmitter, and an energy receiver, each includes a coil as well as ferromagnetic material. For this device, its mutual-inductance value is the most important physical quantity. Because the mutual-inductance value determines the ability to transmit power, it is of great significance to the design of the coupler and the control circuit

3D Transient Magnetic Axial Flux Machine

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This study case is devoted to the modeling and analysis of an axial flux machine with one internal rotor and two external stators. The motor geometry and meshing description are defined by using the AFM modeling tool.
3D Magnetic AC Forced cooling at the end of the heating

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The studied device is composed of a mobile billet and a supply inductor. The goal is to simulate a forced cooling process at the end of heating (when the billet is out of the coil).


Electro Static
Streamers in an insulator

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The studied device is an insulator separating two conductors, one at high potential, and another one grounded. The device is in the air.

The aim is to study ionized canals propagation (Streamers propagation) with "Streamer Criterion" Load.

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