Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Documentation FX-16358 The document "How to mesh with skin effect" has been updated in Flux 2021 by integrating Meshgem hybrid method.

Environment FX-13014 The background of Flux has been updated with a lighter grey, for the coherence with other software of Altair. The different contexts are updated (Sketcher - Modeler - standard geometric view, Circuit View ...).

This update has forced to change the default colors of the points and lines to distinguish them clearly on the new background. The points and lines are now grey (a darker grey than the background).

Environment FX-12915 The Flux auto-documention is the documentation displayed directly next to a dialog box and accessible by clicking on the "Picture" button of the dialog box. The Flux auto-documentation has been improved. The default width is now 400 pixels to display a clear auto-documentation. By default, the height is always equal to the height of the dialog box depending on the number of fields in this dialog box.

But now, if the default height is not enough to see the full autodocumentation, the user has the possibility to :

- enlarge the height-width dialog box to display a larger area of the auto-documentation (It didn't work in the previous version Flux 2020.1)

- use the scrollbars in height/width to move the display area of the auto-documentation (It didn't work in the previous version Flux 2020.1)

Environment FX-15869 The Escape button didn't work for Flux "About Flux" box on RedHat7.2.

Flux 2021 is no longer qualified on RedHat 7, but on RedHat 8.

Some more tests are done with RedHat 8.2 (Gnome) and this defect no longer appears, the escape button of the "About Flux" box works correctly.

Macros FX-14044 Rename the macro with a more explicit name : "ComputeIncrementalMatrixInductanceForNonMeshedCoilsMagnetoStatic

.PFM" instead of "ComputeInductance.PFM".

Integration of the related documentation.

Parallel Computing FX-17604

In previous versions, to get the "Appdef" of Flux for PBS Professional one would need to contact support to get it. Today, the appdef is stored directly in the installation of Flux. You can find the appdef of Flux for the Compute Manager at %INSTALLFLUX%/Api/PBS/Flux and the appdef for the Display Manager at %INSTALLFLUX%/Api/PBS/Flux-GUI, where %INSTALLFLUX% is the installation directory. By default, it should be "C:\Program Files\Altair\2021\flux\Flux" in Windows or "/opt/altair/flux/Flux/" in Linux.

Parallel Computing FX-16163 The appdef of Flux for PBS Professional has been improved based on clients' feedback. Here are the improvements that were implemented:

- A new field named "Walltime" is now available to limit the running time of a job;

- If a python script is in the input zip file, all jobs created will extract every files in the zip file;

- A few visual improvements with fields re-arrangement.

Physics FX-17435 The Excel-based modified Bertotti model identification tool provided in Flux (in path "...\flux\Flux\DocExamples\Tools\BertottiLossesCoefficients") has been improved.

The identification of coefficients and exponents for a Bertotti model required for iron loss computations may now be easily performed using measurements acquired at several frequencies. This upgrade improves the accuracy of the model in the case of multi-frequency user applications.

Moreover, its user guide was also updated and now is no longer delivered as a standalone document, but is fully integrated in the Altair Flux documentation (both in English and in French).

Solving FX-16814 Flux uses MUMPS as the default direct solver. The update to the last version of MUMPS has been done in this version, with the latest improvements in terms of computation time and memory management.
Wording FX-16540 An error message is now displayed when the user tries to run a Flux-Activate cosimulation in a protected folder (for exemple: C:/Program Files/XXX).