About protection and installation

About licensing

The licensing system is now called Altair Units (AUs), since 2020 version.

  • For Flux 2D:

    Flux 2D = 15 AUs

    As previously, this gives access to all the Flux 2D features (Graphical User Interface and Solver).

  • For Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC:
    As previously, there is a distinction between Graphical User Interface and Solver:
    • For GUI = description of geometry + mesh + physics + post processing of results:

      As previously:

      Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC GUI = 21 AUs

    • For Solver = project solving process:

      There is a new Solver Licensing scheme for 2020 Solvers.

      The solvers are licensed in two ways:
      • In-App Licensing (Solver launched from the GUI)

        Example 1: 1 job with 1-4 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 30 AUs

        Example 2: 1 job with 5-8 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 35 AUs

      • HPC Licensing

        Example 1: 1 job with 4 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 30 AUs

        Example 2: 1 job with 6 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 33.2 AUs

        Example 3: 1 job with 8 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 36.4 AUs

About installation - CDE/CSS and Flux API

The Computing Distribution Engine tool (CDE) and the Computing Soft Server (CSS) allowing distributing computations, and Flux API are not installed with the main setup of Flux. The user should install them from the Flux supervisor (only on Windows). For more information, please consult:

  • for Windows, the Flux installation guide § 2.2 CDE/CSS and Flux API Installation
  • for Linux, the Flux installation guide § 3.2 Flux API Installation

Graphics cards

It is necessary for the proper functioning of our software that the driver of the graphics card is as up-to-date as possible. In our experience a "Windows Update" is not sufficient, it is essential to install the latest driver supplied by the manufacturer of the card.

Eg for NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us