Extrude faces

Extrude faces

To extrude faces:

Step Action
1 Activate the Extrude faces command (see next block)
An Extrude faces dialog box is opened.

Define the extrusion:

  • choose a transformation
  • enter the number of the successive executions of the transformation
New entities are added in the Flux PEEC project according the chosen building option.
An Extrude faces dialog box is opened.

Go on extrusion:

  • go to step 2

Quit the sequence of extrusion:

  • click on Cancel

Activate the command

To activate the Extrude faces command, which requires data selection, choose one of the methods presented in the figure below:

Remember: To open a contextual menu, use the right button of the mouse. For multiple selections, keep the Ctrl key pressed.