Bidirectional Conductor: definition (structure)


A Bidirectional Conductor is defined by:

  • a name (and comment)
  • a list of volumes
  • a face that identifies the plane of current flow
  • a material
  • a mesh
  • a type
  • specific characteristics belonging to a type
  • attributes of visibility


The name to identify the Bidirectional Conductor is set by the user during the creation of this one. Flux PEEC proposes the following default names: CONDUCTORBIDIRECTIONAL_1, …

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.

Types of Bidirectional Conductors

Only one type of Bidirectional Conductor is available. It is a conductor resulting from a classic geometry description. The characteristics useful for their description are presented in the table below.

Conductor … Characteristics Creation
resulting from a classic geometry description

List of volumes

Face identifying the current flow plane

by the user

Types of mesh

Only one type of mesh is provided as presented in the table below.

Types of mesh Characteristics
Uniform A number of elements in the two directions defined in the plane of electric current flow
Automatic according to the frequency

This feature is not in version 2.1 of Flux PEEC.

It is planned for future releases.