Update Spatial Quantity with nodal values on region

H_ERROR FMP_UpdateSpatialQuantityByImportRegion (CEDINT32 serverUid, char* paramName,char* regionName,CEDINT32 dimRegion, CEDINT32 nbrNodes,CEDINT32* idNodes,CEDINT32 nbrReal,CEDINT32 nbrComponents,double* nodalValues )
  • Input:
    • serverUid: server Uid
    • paramName: parameter name
    • regionName: region name
    • dimRegion: dimension region
    • nbrNodes: number of nodes
    • idNodes: Array of nodes
    • nbrReal: number of real by nodal value
    • nbrComponents: number of components by nodal value
    • nodalValues: array of nodal values
  • Return:
    • error handle (NULL=OK)