Run Model

Run Model

Goal Seek

Flow Simulator has Goal Seek functionality which is the ability to calculate backward to obtain an input that would result in a given output.


The above model shows a very simple restricted flow example. The upstream pressure is 10 psi and the downstream pressure is 2 psia. The restriction element – orifice has a diameter of 2 in and Cd of 0.5. based on these values, the flow rate found to be 0.458 lb/s. Now, it is possible to set the flow rate to a specific value by changing upstream pressure.

  1. Click at Goal Seek selection and then Goal Settings
  2. Set targeted (goal) property:
    1. Element and Flow rate from drop down menus and ID of 3
    2. Flow rate at “To Value:” with the appropriate unit
  3. Set seeking Input at “by Changing:”
    1. Chamber ID 1 and property of Pt&Ps
    2. Set minimum and maximum values that the algorithm will seek in between
  4. Set number of max iterations and %Error (tolerance)
  5. Run the model

The Run window will also show the summary of the goal seeking algorithm. f(x) is the function to be zero by changing x.