Constraints Between Optimisation Parameters

A dynamic boundary is defined for an optimisation parameter by specifying a constraint.

A constraint is defined by specifying two parameters and their dependency on one another, see Figure 1. The following dependencies are available: !=, <, <=, > and >=.

Figure 1. The Optimisation parameters (Constraints tab) dialog.

Parameter and Constraint Deactivation

For each parameter in the parameter list or constraint in the parameter constraints list, a Use check-box is used to include or exclude each specific parameter or constraint in the optimisation search process. If the Use check box for a specific parameter or constraint is not selected then that parameter or constraint is excluded in the .opt or .pfg files and does not influence the optimisation search. If a parameter is deactivated, the value of the variable as specified in the CADFEKO variables list is used as if it is not defined as an optimisation parameter.
Note: All parameter and constraint settings are local to each search. Deactivating a specific parameter or constraint in the parameter settings of one search does not deactivate that parameter or constraint in any other search.