Defining an Optimisation Mask

An optimisation mask is a set of values that form a continuous line (or trace). Use a mask for specifying a specific performance curve for a requested output.

  1. On the Request tab, in the Optimisation group, click the  Add Mask icon.
  2. Specify the X and Y coordinates of the mask points using one of the following methods:
    1. Enter the coordinates in the X and Y text boxes.
    2. Import the values from an external file by clicking the Import points button.
      Note: The import starts from the first coordinate point and overwrites any existing coordinate definitions. Changes in the external file requires a re-import of the values.
  3. Enter a label for referencing the mask in the optimisation objective.
  4. Press Create to create and close the dialog or press Add to add another mask.
    Note: The same mask can be used in multiple optimisation searches.

    Figure 1. The Create Optimisation Mask dialog.