Point Tool

The Point Tool allows you to assign points to warnings in various check items differently. With the use of this point system, users may be able to judge a quality level of PCB design. A lower point indicates a better design while a higher point indicates that the design may have a quality issue.

Figure 1.
  • DFE+ Total Limit Point: Assign total point with a number. If the sum of sub-item’s point is greater than this value, the final status will be changed to No Good.
  • Check Item Limit Point: Assign each item’s status type and point limit.
  • Item: Show item name.
  • Sub Item: Show sub-items name.
  • Status: Status checking type: Warning, Limit, or Error.
    • Warning: The result will be Warning regardless of the error count or point.
    • Limit: If error count*point is less than Limit, the final status is changed to Warning.
    • If error count*point is equal or greater than Limit, the final status is changed to No Good.
    • Error: The final status is changed to No Good, if any one error occurs.
  • Point: Assigned point per each error.
  • Limit: The limit point for each sub-item.

If you want to check a point by Item, use Check Item Limit Point field. Or want to check a point by Sub-item, use Status field.