Create Redmark+ Project

Create or open a Redmark+ project.

  1. From the menu bar, click Collaboration > Redmark+ > Redmark+.
    The Project Name dialog opens.
  2. In the Project Name dialog, enter a project name or click to select from a created project.
  3. For Permission, select the permission from the list.
  4. Click OK.
    The Redmark+ dialog opens on the left side of the PollEx PCB Modeler window. The dialog contains the following sections:
    • Add: Can create new content after clicking Add. Permission to write will be applied depend on Class1 or Class2.
    • Delete: Can delete the contents from the list. It will be activated depend on permission.
    • Report: Can export the report (MS Excel format) with having all of histories, replies.
    • Transmit: It can be linked to PDM/PLM system by command if you want to implement.
    • Search and Reset: Can search and reset the content and title, searched result.
    • Class1: Can only write or edit if you belong to Class1.
    • Class2: Can only write or edit if you belong to Class2.
    • Save: Can save the file (*.prmkp) into the defined project folder.
    • Load: Can load the file (*.prmkp) which has same name with the project folder.