You can export design data to ODB++ format.

From the menu bar, click PollEx PCB > File > Export To > ODB++. The Export to ODB++ dialog opens and contains the following sections.
Restriction: If design data doesn't have net lists or layer stackup information, it cannot be exported to the ODB++ format.
  • Output Directory: Specify an ODB++ file saving directory path. The default path is set to Output\ODB++ directory under the current design data file location.
  • Layer Setup: Specify layers to be exported.
    • Reset to Default: Restore to the default layer setting.
    • Add: Add selected layers.
    • Remove: Remove added layers, but the default layers cannot be removed.
  • Compressed (*.tgz): Export the ODB++ file as a compressed file (*.tgz).
  • Select Unit: Set the unit.
  • Export Type: Specify the export type.
  • Intelligent Data (EDA): Export a file including circuit information.
  • Initialize Net and Component Names: Export by initializing Net and Component names.
  • Graphical Data: Export as a graphical data.