Using this menu, you can export Image file as *.jpg or *.bmp.

From the menu bar, click PollEx PCB > File > Export To > Image. The Export to Image dialog opens and contains the following sections:
  • Export Layer Setup: Select the layer(s) either artwork or physical layers to export by checking the Export Layer Setup.

    Figure 1.
    Note: If you select physical layer, Export only conductive layer menu will be enable to include.
  • Image Type: Select the file type as JPG or BMP.
  • Color Type: Select a color type as Color or Monochrome.
  • Image Size: Set the image size.
    • Define a pixel size: Set pixel size. Example: If you have a board size as 100x100, and then set the value as 0.1. It will be exported as 1000x1000. The current unit in PCB design will be used.
    • Dimension: Set the image size according to given resolution value as Height and Width.
    • Keep Aspect Ratio: By using this option, the image size will be calculated automatically with considering actual board size and given dimension value.
  • Export: You can get the exported image with clicking this button.