In the General tab, set the board information, fiducial mark coordinates, and reference coordinates.

  1. Board
    1. X/Y Size: The board size is automatically detected.
    2. Board Origin: Set the origin position of the underfill coordinates.

      Figure 1.
    3. Number of Fiducial Mark: A fiducial mark list is created after entering the fiducial mark quantity and clicking Apply. Click Set Location and click the fiducial mark location in the design. The X and Y coordinates are entered.

      Figure 2.
  2. Base Location of Block
    1. X/Y: Set the base location of the unit PCB among the arranged unit PCBs.
    2. Set Location: Used when you directly set the base location. Click Set Location and select the position to be the base location in the design.
    3. Set Component: Used when setting the base location by selecting a part in the design data. When a part to be a reference is selected, the center position of the same parts placed on each unit PCB is registered as the reference coordinates. The component coordinates of the first unit are used as the base location.

      Figure 3.
    4. Number of Unit: When entering the base location and the base location of unit PCBs directly, enter the number of unit PCBs and click Apply.
    5. Table
      • X/Y: Display the X/Y coordinates of each unit board’s reference point.
      • Angle: Display the placed angle of each unit board.
      • Set Location: Directly select a location in the design.
  3. Parameter
    1. Click Load.
    2. Select import parameters used when creating the nozzle movement coordinate pattern of the underfill dispenser.

    Figure 4.
  4. Pattern Area: Set the nozzle movement coordinate pattern area of the underfill dispenser.

    Figure 5.