Appendix: Edit Component DB File

Create or edit the database file. Once DB files are created, you can update the database for new components.

  1. Component DB List: Show DB files’ list.
    • File Name: Component DB files’ name.
    • File Path For Save: Component DB files’ path.
    • Class: Component DB class name.
  2. Add: Add a new component DB file (*.txt) into the list or create a new DB file. To add a new DB file, input a non-existing file name.
  3. Delete: Delete the selected list from the component DB list.
  4. Save: Save the current setting into the *.pccls file.
  5. Save As: Save the current setting into the *.pccls file as a different name.
  6. Load: Load the saved setting file.
  7. Component DB Setting Window: Check or edit information for the selected component DB list.
    1. Naming: Create DB with name.
    2. Filter: Create DB file with string.
    3. Comment: create DB file with properties in component.