Export - To Mount Library

Creates and prints a parts library so that mounter equipment can recognize parts.

  • Export Directory: Sets the directory to export.
  • Part Name: Refers to part name.
  • MPN/CPN: Selects exporting option to MPN or CPN.
  • MPN: Refers to Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).
  • CPN: Refers to Company Part Number (CPN).
  • UPMS Link Path: Sets UPMS(UPE) library path.
  • Export Option
    • Mount Library Packing Check: If checks this, you can print information including Mount Library Packing information.
    • For parts having longer character string than given number, replace CPN having shorter character string.: If the part name described in the Mounter Mount Data is longer than the entered value and has a part name (CPN) shorter than the entered value in the 3D parts library, it is replaced with the short string CPN and output as Mounter Mounted Data.
  • Load from UPMS Link Path: MPN/CPN is taken from the configured UPMS(UPE) Link path.
  • Export: The parts library file is exported as a file of the selected mounter program. (Example: *.dat, *.xml, and so on)