List of Non-Native Files and Descriptions

A list of non-native files with descriptions is given.

ASCII grid format - Clutter or topographical database
USGS BIL topography database
Binary grid format for clutter or topography database
MSI Planet Building Data (single file)
CityGML indoor or urban database
USGS DEM for topography database
.dt0, .dt1, .dt2, .dt3, .dt4, .dt5
Digital Terrain Elevation Data
.dwg, .dxf
AutoDesk AutoCAD indoor or urban database
Geography Markup Language or CityGML indoor/urban database
Keyhole Markup Language file for Google Earth
ASCII Line Format for clutter database
MapInfo urban database
Additional settings for the .mif file.
Open Street Map
MSI Planet / Siemens Tornado for clutter database OR MSI antenna pattern
Arcview Shapefile
Stereolithography (ASCII/Binary)
MapInfo urban database
GeoTIFF for clutter or topography database
Vector Data (ASCII) urban database
Nokia NPS/X for clutter database