Tutorial: Select, Move, and Scale

Learn how to select, translate, copy, and paste objects, as well as how to use the local and global axes.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Selecting objects
  • Moving, scaling, and rotating
  • Copying, copying with history, and paste
  • Local and global axes

Selecting Objects

  1. Open the move_scale.istudio file from scenes directory in your personal assets folder.
  2. To select an object in the view, click the object. You can also select an object in the Model Browser by clicking its name.
  3. To add to a selection, hold down Ctrl and click the objects.
  4. To remove from selection, hold down Shift and click the objects.
  5. To invert a selection, select Selection - Invert.
  6. To toggle curve selection, click the curve selection filter at the bottom right or use the shortcut C.
  7. To toggle surface selection, click the surface selection filter at the bottom right or use the shortcut V.
  8. To select multiple objects, you can also use box selection.

Moving, Scaling, and Rotating

The move tool has three modes. We will focus on the Rotate-Translate and Scale modes.

Rotate-Translate Mode (W Key)

  1. Select Cube #1, and press W.
  2. A manipulator with both Rotate-Translate is shown.
  3. Move the object using:
    1. The X, Y, Z arrows. Use the text box to enter a precise value.
    2. The XY, YZ, XZ planes to constrain along the plane. Use the text box to enter precise values.
    3. To move the object using its manipulator, enter the desired value in the Control Panel.
    4. Rotate the object using:
      1. X Rot, Y Rot, Z Rot circular handles.
  4. To move/rotate a different object, click an empty area of the scene, and then click on the new object.

Move/Rotate the Manipulator

  1. With the Move tool open, press Shift, or select the Manipulator radio button in the Control Panel. The handles turn orange. Use the same options as Move object. This temporarily moves the pivot to a different location.
  2. Reset the manipulator using Reset Manipulator Position.

Scale Mode (E Key)

  1. Select Sphere #1, and press E.
  2. Scale manipulator is shown. An object with history will show only a global scale manipulator.
  3. Scale the object using the circular scale handle. To enter a precise value, click the handle and a text box is shown.
  4. To scale a different object, click an empty area of the scene, and then select the new object.

Copy, Copy with History, and Paste

  1. Use Ctrl + C to copy or use Edit - Copy.
  2. Use Shift + Ctrl + C to copy with history, press Ctrl + V or use Edit - Paste.

Switch Between the Local and Global Axes

  1. Select the cylinder and press W.
  2. Notice the move handle is aligned with global XYZ.
  3. At the bottom right of the screen, select the local axes icon.
  4. The object can be moved, rotated and scaled along its local axes.
  5. To change the orientation of an object, click Align to Global Axes.