Rule Setting

Define verification rule setting.

  1. Add: Add a new rule set.
    1. Rule Classification: Select a rule classification.
      Schematic verification or PCB verification or CAE is available.
    2. PollEx Type: Select a PollEx DFx type.
      Logic DFE or DFM or DFA or DFE or DFE+ is available.
    3. Rule name: Specify a rule name.
    4. Description: Enter the description of the rule.
    5. Database File Path: If a component or net database is needed during the verification, specify the database file path including its filename and extension.
    6. Excel format file: Attach a result excel file.
    7. Result format file: Attach a result excel format file.
    8. Input file: Attach a DFx input file.
    9. Check guide: Attach a check guide as an image format file.
  2. Delete: Delete the selected verification rule.