High Performance Computing (HPC)/Queueing

newFASANT offers the possibility to work with a queueing system such as Altair PBS Professional, LSF or Slurm.

This feature allows you to upload your projects to a cloud queue, and the system decides in which node of the cluster the simulation will run.

To enable it, go to Simulation > HPC Parameters and the following panel appears:

Figure 1. HPC Parameters panel

By selecting the Enable HPC check box, the rest of the options are enabled. Select the queueing system (SLURM, LSF, PBS).

The script that is launched can be modified under Parameters.

Figure 2. HPC Script Editor

In all HPC scripts, there are three common parameters:
The directory that contains all executables.
The input file for the kernel.
The path to the MPI executable.
The above parameters are automatically set up by the GUI. If you want to revert modifications to these scripts, it can be done underDefault Parameters, which contains the original, unmodified scripts. To save the changes, click Save.