This option allows the configuration of the receiver of ultrasound waves in "Coupling" simulations. In order to create a ultrasound receiver, a DUS file must have been imported into the project. Please, check section "Import DUS File" for more information.

When the user selects this option, the following panel appears:

Figure 1. Coupling panel

This panel allows the configuration of the new ultrasound receiver or the edition of the parameters of an already existing one. The File dropdown list allows the selection of one of the DUS file imported into the project. The Gain allows to set up the gain of the receiver (note that Gain is in natural units). The Position and Orientation panels allows to set the location and orientation of the receiver in the same way as in the Ultrasound Source panel.

It is possible to use the current local coordinate system (defined by the reference plane) so that the given coordinates and orientation are relative to it. To do this, the check box User local coordinate system (reference plane) must be selected.

The user needs to press the Save button in order to add or edit the ultrasound receiver.