Annex 1: DUS File Format

DUS files are ultrasound pattern files, and their function is analogous to DIA files (radiation pattern) used by other modules of newFASANT. DUS files are used to define the sound waves emitted by an ultrasound source in different directions. These directions are specified in spherical coordinates and, depending on whether the pressure sound field emitted is constant on either phi or theta coordinates, the DUS file format is different. On the one hand, when the ultrasound pattern depends only on theta or phi, it is said to be a revolution (REV) DUS file, defined as a phi or theta cut respectively. On the other hand, an ultrasound pattern with an emitted field depending on both theta and phi is said to be a 3D DUS file.

In the following subsections, the format of both types of DUS files is defined.

Note It is not necessary to know the DUS file format in order to work with this kind of files in newFASANT. The “DUS Files” option under the “Tools” menu allows the visualization and edition of the information contained in DUS files.