radialProfiles command

Description Creates multiple topographic profiles, all starting at the same point (the center point) and with the same distance (the radius length). The created profiles with match the radii of a circle centered at the specified point and with the given radius length.

Usage When called without arguments, the command will ask for the following parameters in order:

  • Geometrical coordinates (x, y) of the center point. The user can click on a point of the terrain model to fill this value automatically.
  • Radius length (i.e. profile length). The user can click on a point of the terrain model to calculate the radius between the clicked point and the center point.
  • The initial angle. Angles will be measured from the positive X axis and go up counter-clockwise. At this angle will be the radius of the first topographic profile.
  • The final angle. At this angle will be the radius of the last topographic profile.
  • Number of topographic profiles that will be taken. This number must be of two or greater.

The result of this command will be as many topographic profiles as specified, each one matching a radius of the circle defined by the center point and radius length, and each profile is sampled at constant angle intervals between the initial angle and the final angle.

When called with arguments, the command must be called the following way:

radialProfiles -n profile_name_prefix -p xCenter yCenter radius thetaStart thetaEnd numProfiles

The names of the topographic profiles will have the prefix given by "profile_name_prefix" and will be suffixed with a "_" followed by the number of the profile sample (1, 2, etc.). The rest of parameters are the same as in the interactive version of the command.