3D Array

This is an option to create an array from an existing geometry. This option lets the user easily create a matrix of geometries. It is possible to create a circular array using the array command with the parameter -cir <radius>.

First, create any geometry (for example a sphere). To create it, click on “Geometry”, “Solids”, and click on “Sphere”. Now click on “Edit”, “Geometric Operations”, and click on “Array”.

This option is used to double up the selected surface. To do this, enter the number of copies in X, Y and Z and the distance between them using a starting point and end point.

For example, create a rectangle and press the option array. Then select the desired surface as shown in the next Figure.

Figure 1. Selecting the sphere to replicate

Then introduce the parameters shown in the command line of the figure below and press enter. The results are seen in the next Figure.

Figure 2. After applying the array function