Add Waveguide Port

This section explains how to add a waveguide port.

Note This option requires an already created waveguide geometry. The geometry must be only one object (use the group command if it is not) and the waveguide cap needs to be removed.

Figure 1. Waveguide geometry

To add a waveguide port, select the object and click on 'Antenna->Waveguides->Add Waveguide port' menu to open the panel.

Figure 2. Waveguide port panel with waveguide geometry

Select the port edges with 'Ctrl' pressed and click on 'Add Port'.

Figure 3. Port edges selected

Figure 4. Waveguide port added

Note CutOff frequency warning appears if the current simulation frequency is not adequate for this waveguide. However, you can save the port and modify the frequency later.

Click on the 'Save' button to apply the changes to the waveguide object.

Figure 5. Waveguide port created