Pattern File Array

Using the "Pattern File Array" option, it is possible to create arrays of radiation pattern antennas defined based on information described in a radiation pattern file. This is useful when an array of several antennas has to be created and added to the project. When the Pattern File Array option is selected, the following panel appears.

Figure 1. Pattern File Array Tab

The following options are available:

  • Components the amplitude and phase for each generated antenna.
  • Orientation antenna rotation. There are multiple ways for setting the orientation.
    • Director Cosines manually set the director cosines.
    • Spherical set the orientation using spherical system (theta, phi, alpha).
    • Rotation specify X, Y, and Z angles as degrees.
    • Z-Axis this option can be used for manually defining the local Z-axis.
  • Array center the Cartesian center for the generated radiation pattern array structure. For a more precise mode, the pick-point mode can be enabled. Select Pick, then click anywhere in the 3D Panel. The position fields will be filled with the coordinates of the clicked point.
  • Array parameters this setting lets the user specify the number of pattern files to be generated along each axis and the separation between each antenna.
  • Array orientation similar to the pattern file orientation, this control lets the user specify the array rotation.

When all the parameters have been set, click the "Create Array" button to create the radiation pattern antennas. Note that the pattern file generation will create separate antennas. This means that after generating the pattern file array, you will be able to modify the values for each pattern file separately.

Figure 2. Radiation Pattern Array structure.