Suppressing Duplicate Key Values in a Summary

Suppressing duplicate values reduces the amount of visual clutter in a report and helps to emphasize details. Monarch Classic includes this facility, allowing you to suppress duplicate values for any key field in a summary.

For instance you can suppress duplicate Customer values in this example:


To have a summary that looks like this:

Duplicate values in the Customer field are suppressed.


  1. Go to Summary Design.

  2. Select a Summary from the Summaries selector. The Summary's properties are displayed on the Summary Window.

  3. Select Keys from the Summary Design ribbon to display the Summary Keys Window.

  4. Select a key field from the fields selector to display that field's tabs and properties.

  5. Go to the Layout tab.

  6. Under the Key Values heading, select Suppress Duplicates.

  7. Choose Accept.

Monarch Classic re-displays the summary with duplicate values removed from the selected field.


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