Modifying Column Titles in a Summary

When Monarch Classic builds a summary, it assigns the key, measure, and item field names as the column titles in the summary matrix. You may use these names or you may modify the column titles to provide more descriptive names.

  1. Go to Summary Design.

  2. Select a Summary from the Summaries selector. The Summary's properties are displayed on the Summary Window.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • If you wish to view and edit all fields, select All Fields from the Summary Design ribbon.

    • If you wish to view just keys, items, or measures, select Keys, Items, or Measures respectively from the Summary Design ribbon.

  4. Select a field from the fields selector and enter a new column title in the Title box of the General tab that displays.

    Note: If you cannot edit the Title, you may need to check the Use default title box.

  5. Choose Accept to accept the new column width.

Column titles for across key columns

When a key field’s values are displayed across the top of the summary matrix, the column titles are based upon the key field values. These titles are generated dynamically each time the summary is recalculated (as it may include more or fewer key field values). Monarch Classic does not allow you to modify the titles for across key fields, otherwise your changes would be lost when the summary is recalculated. See Displaying Key Values Across in a Summary.





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