Displaying Key Values Across in a Summary

You can modify a summary to display the values for a key field across the top row, creating a two dimensional matrix. This format, sometimes called a crosstab summary, is more compact, allowing for quick comparisons of multiple data groups, but it cannot include item fields.

An example of a crosstab summary appears in the following illustration.

Summary with Media field values displayed across.


  1. Go to Summary Design.

  2. Select a Summary from the Summaries selector. The Summary's properties are displayed on the Summary Window.

  3. Select Keys from the Summary Design ribbon.

  4. Select a key field from the fields selector to display that field's tabs and properties.

  5. Go to the Layout tab.

  6. Select the Across (row) radio button.

  7. Choose Accept.

    Note that you will not be allowed to display key values across if the Summary definition has item fields defined.

    Monarch Classic re-displays the summary with the values for the selected key spread across the top row.

    Note: See Displaying Multiple Measures in Across Key Summaries for related information.





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