Displaying Multiple Measures in Across Key Summaries

Monarch Classic allows you to display any number of measures in an across key summary. In addition, you can choose to group the multiple measures by key or by measure.

  1. When selecting the fields to include in your across key summary add as many measures as you'd like to the Measures list on the Add/Remove Fields Window.

  2. Select Accept to close the window and view the summary.

  3. In Summary View, click the Active Measure tool field drop-down button, then select one of the following options:

    • All, by key

    • Displays all of the measures grouped by key.

    • All, by measure

    • Displays all the measures grouped by measure.

    Monarch Classic re-displays the summary with all the measures included and grouped according to the option you chose.

    Note: When exporting such a summary to Excel, the formatting will be adjusted to produce the best effect using a two line header.




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