Editing Credentials

The Edit Credentials dialog allows you to input passwords and other security credentials cleared from saved workspaces. The credentials that you must enter in this dialog depend on the credentials you specified must be cleared when items are saved.

Editing credentials when opening workspaces

The Edit Credentials dialog immediately displays upon opening a workspace containing data source inputs with passwords that were cleared upon saving the workspace.


The left-hand panel of the dialog displays all of the tables included in the workspace to be opened. Tables marked with require a password or some other security credential(s) to open.

Tick the Only show connections which may require attention box to display only those tables that require security credentials. Select a table and provide its security credentials. You can test the validity of the credentials you provided by clicking on the Test Passwords button.

If you do not wish to provide security credentials at this time, simply click the OK button on this dialog. In this case, the workspace opens, but the tables requiring security credentials are not properly loaded when you select them.


Editing credentials in an open workspace

Credentials for tables can be provided in open workspaces.

Provide the security credentials required for this table. You can test the validity of the credentials you provided by clicking on the Test Passwords button.

  1. In the Prepare Window, do one of the following:

    • click on the drop-down icon located to the right of the table you would like to provide credentials for or

    • right+click on the table

    and then select Edit Credentials from the options that display.


  2. The Edit Credentials dialog displays:


  3. Click OK when you are finished.

    The unlocked table displays properly in the workspace.

Editing credentials for sensitive connection strings

The same steps outlined above are performed when opening workspaces containing tables obtained from sources requiring sensitive connection strings. In this case, the Edit Credentials dialog is slightly modified. 


The dialog will show all connections included in the workspace (with the option to show only those connections requiring attention) as well as fields into which the necessary details can be supplied. To begin editing credentials for these connections, select a connection from the list shown. Provide the missing connection strings and then click OK. If other settings are necessary, click the Edit Settings button. Doing so launches the corresponding Connector dialog for the selected connection. 

The Edit Credentials dialog can also be launched by opening the workspace, switching to the Preview window, selecting a table to preview, and then clicking Preview.



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