Docking/Undocking a Table

Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you undock a table from the main interface. This allows you to:

  • Move the table around (for instance, to a secondary monitor)

  • Float one more tables and view their records simultaneously.

In this example:


The Data Processing and Compensation tables have been undocked and you can view both tables simultaneously and compare records.

Undocking a table

  1. On the Prepare Window, right-click on a table on the Table List panel.

  2. Select Undock Table from the context menu.

    The table is separated from the main interface and you can move this anywhere on the screen, even to a second monitor if you have one.

    Alternatively, you can drag your table anywhere on your screen. Doing so effectively undocks it.

Docking a table

Select the Dock Table icon at the top right corner of an undocked table:


The table is returned to the main interface.



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