Creating Lookups from Two Different Reports

While Monarch Classic’s linking capability is very useful if you have access to a database that includes the information you need, what if your data resides in two different reports? Using Monarch Classic’s export capability, you can create a database file from one report, start a new Monarch Classic session to extract data from the second report, then create a lookup to the exported database file. While this involves a two-pass approach, it’s relatively easy to do.

1. Export Data from the First Report

  1. Select Create Export from the Export View ribbon. The Create Export dialog displays.

  2. Export the table to a database (MDB or ACCDB are good choices). Follow the steps described in Exporting the Table to a New File.

  3. Run the export (you can select Run this Export on the dialog box).

2. Link the Data

  1. Select the second report and it's model. Now you need to link to the database file you created and pull in the data it contains.

  2. Select Add then External Lookup and then Database from the Table Design ribbon. The Open Database dialog displays.

  3. Select the database file you just exported and proceed with the external lookup definition.

  4. Select Accept.

Monarch Classic links the database table to the Monarch Classic table, adding the database columns to the table window as linked columns (you may need to scroll to the right to view the database columns). You started with two disparate reports and ended with data from both reports linked together in the Table window.




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