Advanced Screen Capture

Record a video or take a snapshot of a specific area or the full screen with the current background.

  1. Select File > Screen Capture > Advanced Screen Capture.
  2. Configure the settings:
    1. In the microdialog, click Settings and configure the screen capture settings, which apply to both snapshots and videos.
  3. Define the capture area:
    • To capture a specific area of the screen, click Select Screen Area , and then drag to draw a box.
    • To capture the full screen, click Select Full Screen .
  4. Capture the screen:
    • To take a snapshot, click Take Snapshot .
    • To record a video, click Start/Stop Recording , manipulate the model as desired, and then click Stop Recording .

Depending on what option was selected in the Screen Capture Settings, either the Save As window will appear or the captured image/recording will be saved to the default file location.

The snapshot is saved as a .png file. Depending on the File format defined in the Video Settings, the video is saved as a .mp4 or .gif file.

Screen Capture Settings

Configure the screen capture settings.

Include mouse cursor
Select this option to include the mouse cursor when recording a video or taking a snapshot of the screen.
Copy image to clipboard
If selected, the image is copied to the clipboard and is available to the other applications.
Show file save dialog
If selected, the save file dialog is shown when saving an image or recording. The last selected location is remembered throughout the session.
Save to a default file location
Select this option to automatically save the video or snapshot to a default location. The default location is Documents/Altair/captures

To change the default location, click Select save location , and then select a folder.

Capture delay (sec)
Define the number of seconds that elapse before the video starts recording or the snapshot is taken.

The default delay time is 3 seconds.

Frame rate
Define the number of frames displayed per second in the video.

The default frame rate is 24.

File format
Save the video as a .mp4 or .gif file.