Export Geometry and Results

Export geometry and simulation results for use in another application.

Tip: If the other application doesn't convert units automatically, you need to change the unit system in Inspire Extrude before exporting.

Export Geometry

Export the entire model using the Save As command, or export selected objects using the Save Selected command.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To export the entire model, select File > Save As.
    • To export only selected objects, first select the objects, and then select File > Save Selected.
  2. Choose a folder, enter a file name, and select a file type.
  3. Click Save.

Export Analysis Results

Export a data deck by clicking the Export button after running an analysis.

In Inspire Extrude Metal, you can analyze metal extrusion, tool deflection, and quenching. In Inspire Extrude Polymer, you can analyze polymer extrusion and tool deflection. Depending on the type of analysis, Inspire Extrude will generate a .grf, .hx, or .fem file.

  1. After running an analysis using one of the Analysis tools, click the Export button.
  2. Choose a folder, type a file name, and then click Save.
The data deck is exported using the current unit system for the model.