Gelation Function Used by Both Models

The gelation function is used to describe how the viscosity changes as a function of the degree of curing. It is assumed that the resin is fully cured when the gelation value is reached and it ceases to flow. In addition, the curing reaction is assumed exothermic, and the heat released is included in the energy equation.

Latent Heat of Curing

  • Units: J/kg
  • Keyword: LatentHeat
  • Description: Latent heat of curing.

Gelation Cure Value

  • Units: None
  • Keyword: CureGelationValue
  • Description: The maximum value of the degree of curing is 1.0. But for many materials, they behave like fully cured at this value (less than 1.0)

Viscosity Gelation Function C1

  • Units: None
  • Keyword: CureViscosityC1
  • Description: Exponent of the gelation function

Viscosity Gelation Function C2

  • Units: None
  • Keyword: CureViscosityC2
  • Description: Exponent of the gelation function