Stop Criteria

The interface now has options to stop the simulation after
  • Filling
  • Curing
  • Time in seconds

Stop After Filling

The simulation will be stopped after the model is completely filled. This is a useful option to understand how the model is filled.

Stop After Curing

The simulation continues after the model is filled and stops when all of the nodes reach the curing gelation point.

Stop After the Specified Time

The simulation will be stopped once the specified time has elapsed.

Other Criteria

  • The solution will be stopped if it encounters a short shot. In such situations, the model is not filled completely either due to inadequate pressure or premature curing during the filling process.
  • The solution will also be stopped if the specified number of time steps is exceeded. The interface automatically sets the maximum number of time steps to be 10000. It is assumed that this large value is unlikely to be exceeded.