What Does HX Solver Error Code: "Error while creating Lagrangian data structure" Mean?


Total number of elements = 2482329, (linear geometry)

Calculating Extrusion Ratio

...Extrusion Ratio 2482329, (linear geometry)

Calculating Extrusion Ratio

… Extrusion Ratio = 34.6597

Error while creating Lagrangian data structure

while determining number of layers

reverting to standard procedure

Simulating extrusion of a single hollow profile
  • Lagrangian structure is used for profile deformation computations. It will work only when bearing3d and profile3d are created by drag usingPRISM6 or HEX8 elements.
  • If solver deck is automatically created using Extrude:
    • Extrude meshes bearing and Profile components using PRISM6 elements
    • If you see this error in .out file then it means generated mesh in bearing and profile is incorrect.
    • To fix, review CAD and generated mesh. Make sure there are no overlapping solids or some other CAD issue.
  • If solver deck is created manually :
    • Make sure mesh is correct.
    • Make sure solver deck is correct.
    • Else this error can be ignored