Why Is the Extrusion Wizard Not Assigning Symmetry Boundary Conditions Properly?

The Extrusion Wizard determines the symmetry planes in the model by inspecting the Billet_DummyBlock face. For the Extrusion wizard to determine the symmetry boundary conditions correctly do the following:
  • Center of the billet should be at (x=0,y=-) = that is on the Z=axis. However, the Z position of the Billet_DummBlock face can be anything.
  • Extrusion axis should be Z-axis
  • Since tolerance plays a role in this computation, make sure the center is at 0,0. Even if the center is at something like 0.001, it may be large value for a model in meters.
  • In order to achieve this, create a node at (0,0) and then create a node at billet center and translate it the model using N2-n1 option.

If this does not fix the problem, please send your model to hxsupport@altair.com